Monitoring tool for Amazon Sellers.

Get instant Amazon alerts on every costly problem that happens with your Amazon listings, FBA fees, Buy Box, and the Seller Central store as a whole.

Get Amazon brand monitoring & listing monitoring for hijackers to protect your private label.

Get immediate email notifications when hijackers or piggybackers start selling on your Amazon listings. And of course when one stops doing this.

Unlimited ASIN/Listings monitored 24x7 and Real-Time Email Alerting
Deal with hijackers right away to get them off your listings fast
Don't let them sell fraudulent products and ruin your Amazon business
Get industry -proven steps how to handle Hijackers
Receive a Ready-To-Use Cease & Desist letter
Protect your selling account from Amazon review hijacking

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On 21 December at 11:15 AM
Hijacker "Fake Acme" has started selling your product with FBA offer
Hijacker's offer
Price is $15.38 ($14.39 + $0.99)
Shipping time is 1-2 days
Is shipped from United States, CO
My FBA offer
Price is $17.99 (+ $0.00)
Shipping is 2-3 days
What's changed in the Buy Box?
FBA eligible offers was 1 ⇨ now 2
The current Buy Box state
Winner is "Fake Acme" (FBA)
Price is $15.38 ($14.39 + $0.99)

See a list of your products others are selling on.

You're able to sort by active hijackers with the list of ASINs they are hijacking on. So that you can then put that into an email template to send to them or report to Amazon.

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Prevent suspension of your Amazon seller account.

Are you looking to avoid a suspension email from Amazon, would you like to know about potential problems in your seller account before you are suspended? Our service includes real time alerts that warn you about any potential issues which could lead to a suspension or Buy Box loss. Our alerts are based on real data from your seller account that lets you act quickly before Amazon decides to suspend.

Track new defects found by Amazon in your listings to avoid sales loss.

When Amazon finds major defects in your listings it hides such listings from buyers in browse and search without even notifying you. Our Amazon product alerts let you know as soon as it happens and tell exactly what needs to be fixed. Thus, you don't lose sales due to unnoticed defects in listings you own or intent defects made by competitor if you're attached to other sellers' listings.

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Amazon product monitoring

Bindwise is the official 3p Amazon integrator providing Amazon listing monitor for sellers (selling partners).

Track 100+ product details

Including adult flag, titles, images and more...

Get Amazon listing alerts

Track any changes to your product detail pages

Bring it back the way it was

The alert shows the changed listing details before and after

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Track negative feedback to remove it fast.

The most recent negative feedback has the big impact on the Buy Box. Bindwise notifies immediately about negative feedback, so you can reach buyer immediately thus resolve the issue at the best possible time.

Track when Amazon overcharging your
FBA Fulfilment Fees.

Any dimension changes that cause an increase in fulfillment fees result in an instant alert sent to you.Then simply request from Amazon the reimbursement for overcharges.

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FBA fulfillment fee increased from 5.11 USD to 8.91 USD
Product Size Tier was Large Standard-Size Non-Media ⇨ now Small Oversize
Longest Side was 12.6 inches ⇨ now 18.35 inches
Median Side was 10.65 inches ⇨ now 8.82 inches
Shortest Side was 2.05 inches ⇨ now 1.0 inch
Item Package Weight was 0.92 pounds ⇨ now 0.95 pounds

Top questions about the service

  • What Amazon marketplaces are supported?

    We support all 20 Amazon marketplaces: US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, India, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Singapore.

  • What are the sample Amazon Seller Central notifications you send?

    Amazon title change alerts, Amazon Buy Box alerts, Amazon hijack alerts, Amazon fee increase alerts, Amazon listing alerts, Amazon review notifications and more

  • How Bindwise works?

    Bindwise, software for Amazon sellers, constantly reads and processes your Amazon seller account data through the official Amazon API. Bindwise then sends to your team business alerts on costly issues that can affect your business, such as 404 dog pages (blocked listings), product detail page changes, and more. Note that Bindwise never changes anything in your Amazon seller account because our system only reads the information.

  • Do I need to configure all my products or competitors?

    No. You need just to integrate your Amazon store with Bindwise once(it's super easy and takes a minute). That's all. Bindwise will automatically detect all your competitors for all your products and will start monitoring all of them immediately.

  • Currently I have no competitors on Amazon. Do I need Bindwise?

    Yes, as in this case it's very important to get informed immediately when someone starts selling your product listings.
    Private label brand owners can use Bindwise to detect piggybackers to prevent stealing of buyers at a very early stage.
    For sellers who launch completely new products, it's important to get notified about other sellers who start selling same products to adjust your business strategy as soon as possible.

  • Who is your typical user?

    FBA sellers, Fulfillment By Merchant (FBM) sellers, private label brand owners and those who have enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, resellers, manufacturers and those eCommerce merchants who's business model is dropshipping.

  • What are you working on now?

    Here's a sneak peek with upcoming releases of Bindwise product features. If you are struggling with any problem request a feature from us. Perhaps we can build it for you.

Bindwise®—Trusted Amazon software integration partner.

For you this means that you're using 100% Amazon compliant & secure software that has been verified and approved by Amazon through an audit conducted by Deloitte.

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Yanique Thorman
Amazon UK, DE & FR seller
5.0 ★★★★★

"Best service to track changes to your listings and hijackers. I tried a lot and this one has invaluable info. Best is the hijacker alert emails which show who is winning the Buy Box."

Predrag Vojnovic
Amazon US seller
5.0 ★★★★★

"Negative reviews, product title, description changes, everything arrives almost instantly to your email. Just amazing. Well done."

Roberto Bodini
Amazon IT & US seller
5.0 ★★★★★

"Luckily Bindwise Alerts revealed that one of my rivals changes listings with incorrect product details."

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