Stop losing the Buy Box on your FBA products. Even for a day.

Buy Box wins keep disappearing? Suddenly lost the Buy Box on private label items? Lowest price not winning the Buy Box? Some ASINs are no longer eligible for the Buy Box? Bindwise helps to solve these problems.

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Buy Box Wins from 100% to 56% can be costly.

If you're an Amazon FBA Seller and your items are Buy Box eligible, you know that the lost Amazon Buy Box is an expensive problem for you.

Even the brand owners are not protected.

If you are the only seller on a listing, Amazon may still not show the Featured Offer (Buy Box) on a product—only the "other offers" buying option.

Bindwise®—Trusted Amazon software integration partner.

For you this means that you're using 100% Amazon compliant & secure software that has been verified and approved by Amazon through an audit conducted by Deloitte.

How it works.

Bindwise is an Amazon Buy Box tracker. It sends you Seller Central quality alerts so you can take action fast.

1. Helps discover your costly problems

No need to manually check business reports for the BuyBox on all marketplaces on a daily basis. Bindwise tracks the trends.

2. Take ownership of solving the problem or collaborate with your team members

Alerts can be sent via emails, Slack or any other popular app to a particular person or a team responsible for the BuyBox.

3. See the big picture

Bindwise shows insights about listing issues, seller account performance and competition activities so you get full context.

4. Act quickly to prevent financial losses

Getting heads up about the expensive issue, helps you save money.

5. Review if your discovered-problem fixes actually work

Follow the trends to see if your changes are really working and impacting the Buy Box in a positive way.

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What's the difference from Seller Central reports?

Amazon’s own business report doesn't show trends and actual changes that occur for all of your items and on all marketplaces. Say, if an item's Amazon Buy Box percentage was 80%, and now it's 60%—you won't know about that change (loss), even though you should, because it's costly.

Also, Seller Central doesn't provide the option to receive Amazon Buy Box loss/win alerts.

As a brand owner, we care deeply about everything that happens on Amazon with our own products: every piece of customer feedback, every change to how the listing looks, every statistic in terms of sales and seller account health, etc. It’s a competitive marketplace, and moving quickly to notice and fix any issues makes the difference between success and average. Bindwise with their Amazon Buy Box tool are focused on these brand owner specific needs in ways that Amazon’s own more general tools did not cover.

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Popular questions from FBA sellers

  • What Amazon marketplaces are supported?

    We support all 20 Amazon marketplaces: US, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, India, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Singapore.

  • How many ASINs can I track?

    100,000 ASINs

  • I have multiple Amazon seller accounts. Can I add all of them to Bindwise?

    Yes, you can connect multiple seller accounts under 1 Bindwise account.

  • Do you have a demo?

    Instead of a demo, we offer a 30-days full-featured free trial (no credit card or software download required). To get started you only need an Amazon Pro seller account. Try it out

Know how to get (back) Amazon Buy Box with Bindwise.

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