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As a seller, it's your responsibility not only to ship on time, but to confirm shipment on time. Sometimes you may just forget to ship items or confirm shipment with Amazon during the handling time.

Bindwise Alerts makes it easy to keep track of what needs to be shipped or confirmed. Bindwise Alerts sends timely e-mail notifications to you, reminding that your handling period for an order is coming to an end. In this way, you have time to ship and confirm shipment by the expected deadline.

How late shipments impact my sales?

Amazon is about the numbers. Metrics are the language that Amazon speaks. If you ship late, it will be part of your metrics. Your order is considered late if you don't confirm shipment.

Amazon asks sellers to keep their late shipment rate low. Failure to meet Amazon's target may result in the removal of your selling privileges and you'll receive the following message from Amazon stating that your account is suspended due to late shipment rate:

"We suspended your seller account because your late shipment rate has failed to meet Amazon's performance target of less than 4%. As stated in our policies, sellers must ship orders by the Expected Ship Date"

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