Find out weakest points of your Amazon product listings, seller account or FBA fees.

Monitor and get AMZ-alerts on unlimited ASINs.

You'll get Intelligent 24/7 Monitoring & Alerting.

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How it works?

Bindwise Monitoring & Alerts prevents fraud and other unintended listing, fees or seller account changes by monitoring all your ASINs 24/7. If a change is detected, an email is sent to your team so you can take action in Amazon Seller Central right away.

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Let our data guide you.

Bindwise is an official Amazon integrator and uses Amazon API natively, so you can quickly understand how your ASINs, FBA fees or seller account can be improved.

There's too much to track manually.

Let Bindwise send critical updates almost in real time, on time.

Wrong Amazon FBA fee alerts.

Fulfillment fee overcharges
Monthly storage fee overcharges
Pick & pack fee overcharges
Weight handling fee overcharges
EFN fulfilment fee overcharges

Amazon suspension alerts.

Blocked (suspended) listings
Search result supression
Listing withdrawn from organic search
Unnoticed Amazon Policy violations
Amazon seller account health changes

Amazon product listing alerts.

Listing merges
Changes in variations
Title changes
Primary product image changes
Product category changes
Product dimension and weight changes
Listing ownership changes
Product brand changes
Product material type changes
Product color changes
+92 other product detail page changes

Amazon hijacker & sales alerts.

New seller appeared on listing
Counterfeit listing variation created
Buy box gained or lost
Product flagged as adult
Product is out of stock
Competing seller price changes
C&D letters (English + Chinese)

Amazon review alerts.

Private label product reviews/ratings
Negative seller feedback


No matter where you sell, get peace of mind for your Amazon business.

Bindwise natively integrates with the following Amazon markets:


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Bindwise®—Trusted Amazon software integration partner.

For you this means that you're using 100% Amazon compliant & secure software that has been verified and approved by Amazon through an audit conducted by Deloitte.

Top questions we get from sellers

  • Can I link multiple Amazon stores under 1 Bindwise account?

    Yes. You have an option to connect multiple Amazon stores under 1 Bindwise account. The total number of Amazon markets which you can monitor with 1 Bindwise account is 15.

  • Can I forward different types of alerts to different people?

    Yes. For instance, you can send listing related notifications to one teammate, FBA fees related alerts to another.

  • How many ASINs can I track?


  • How quickly do you detect any changes?

    Near real-time. Except for Buy Box reports which are sent once per day.

  • Do you have a demo?

    Instead of a demo, we offer a 30-days full-featured free trial (no credit card or software download required). To get started you only need an Amazon Pro seller account. Try it out

Success Stories

Our Customers

Yanique Thorman
Amazon UK, DE & FR seller
5.0 ★★★★★

"Best service to track changes to your listings and hijackers. I tried a lot and this one has invaluable info. Best is the hijacker alert emails which show who is winning the Buy Box."

Predrag Vojnovic
Amazon US seller
5.0 ★★★★★

"Negative reviews, product title, description changes, everything arrives almost instantly to your email. Just amazing. Well done."

Roberto Bodini
Amazon IT & US seller
5.0 ★★★★★

"Luckily Bindwise Alerts revealed that one of my rivals changes listings with incorrect product details."

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