Agency for Amazon sellers? Meet your new partner.

Use Bindwise solutions to increase your team's efficiency, showcase your expertise to clients with advanced insights, and help your clients succeed.

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Our Platform saves your time by overseeing in real-time any issues across your clients' Amazon seller accounts.

Stop manually checking the correctness of FBA fees
Stop manually checking Seller Account Health issues
Stop manually checking the correctness of product listing/ASIN details
Surface client issue before clients realize about them

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Solutions to meet the needs of departments and cross-functional teams in an organization.

Make information and insights accessible to your entire enterprise so teams can work better together.

For brand/account managers
For Legal departments
For Finance teams
For Marketing teams
For Logistics teams

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Bindwise®—Trusted Amazon software integration partner.

For you this means that you're using 100% Amazon compliant & secure software that has been verified and approved by Amazon through an audit conducted by Deloitte.

Bindwise allows us to constantly be on-top of any Amazon issues on our client's accounts, so that we can proactively remedy them as soon as possible.

Ajay Visana, eCommerce Manager, Marketplace Amp


We protect your clients' commercial data with industry-leading security.

Bindwise is the official 3p Amazon integrator, whose solution listing is available on the Seller Central App Store.

Amazon compliance

We undergo independent verification of our security, privacy, and compliance controls. Last Amazon Developer Audit in collaboration with Deloitte & Touche LLP (Cyber Risk Services) successfully completed on Feb 1, 2021.

Built-in data privacy

Protecting the privacy of Agencies and their clients is a priority and codified in our Privacy Policy, which guide our security and privacy practices and alignment with GDPR, CCPA and Amazon Privacy requirements.

Cloud solution

Our solutions are deployed in the leading Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure clouds. This allows us to release new versions of our solutions dozens of times a day.

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Surface the whole spectrum of issues in Amazon account.

There's too much to track manually.
Let Bindwise send critical updates almost in real time, on time.

Wrong Amazon FBA fee alerts.

Fulfillment fee overcharges
Monthly storage fee overcharges
Pick & pack fee overcharges
Weight handling fee overcharges
EFN fulfilment fee overcharges

Amazon suspension alerts.

Blocked (suspended) listings
Search result supression
Listing withdrawn from organic search
Unnoticed Amazon Policy violations
Amazon seller account health changes

Amazon product listing alerts.

Listing merges
Changes in variations
Title changes
Primary product image changes
Product category changes
Product dimension and weight changes
Listing ownership changes
Product brand changes
Product material type changes
Product color changes
+92 other product detail page changes

Amazon hijacker & sales alerts.

New seller appeared on listing
Counterfeit listing variation created
Buy box gained or lost
Product flagged as adult
Product is out of stock
Competing seller price changes
C&D letters (English + Chinese)

Amazon review alerts.

Private label product reviews/ratings
Negative seller feedback


Compare Bindwise Standard and Bindwise Agency to choose the right type of account for you.

The Agency account is more suitable for organizations that require streamlined administration and centralized controls of clients' Amazon stores. The Standard account is suitable for growing and professional sellers / brands / manufacturers / resellers look to optimize operations of their own store.

Bindwise Standard

Bindwise Agency

No. of Amazon accounts / marketplaces tracked

Up to 15 marketplaces


Different types of alerts are sent to different teams / deps

Not available

Control alerts settings on the store level

Not available

White-label integration

Not available

Early access to new releases

Not available

Centralized billing

Not available

Priority email or in-app chat support, phone support during business hours

Not available

Get alerts straight to Slack, Zendesk, webhooks, and your other favorite apps

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