So what’s the difference between Bindwise and Helium 10 Alerts?

The fastest-growing Amazon Sellers choose Bindwise over Helium10 to prevent costly losses and drive revenue.

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“The Bindwise tool is easy to set up and provides valuable insight practically real-time. Plus, the Support is super responsive and open to enhancements plus extra features. Bindwise is an affordable, effective monitoring tool.”
Winston Shih - Global Head of Retail, Podean


Looking for Helium 10 Alerts alternatives?

Here are reasons to consider Bindwise

Helium 10


How many different listing issues are tracked?



Get alerts straight to Slack, ClickUp,, and your other favorite apps (a.k.a., integrations)

Not available

Will I or my team have to change the existing workflow?

Yes, it forces you to use yet another dashboard

No, alerts are delivered to your favorite project management or communication apps


$99/mo for up to 100 ASINs

$19/mo for up to 100,000 ASINs

The Buy Box loss alerts

Contains false positives

100% accurate, like in Amazon Business reports

How easy is it to set up ASIN tracking?

Manually, one at a time

Your products are auto monitored

Does it promote teamwork?

Up to 3 team members for $199/mo

Unlimited team members for free

2022 modern user interface 😜

What? Not available

Bindwise®—Trusted Amazon software integration partner.

For you this means that you're using 100% Amazon compliant & secure software that has been verified and approved by Amazon through an audit conducted by Deloitte.

As a brand owner, we care deeply about everything that happens on Amazon with our own products: every piece of customer feedback, every change to how the listing looks, every statistic in terms of sales and seller account health, etc. It’s a competitive marketplace, and moving quickly to notice and fix any issues makes the difference between success and average. Bindwise with their Amazon Buy Box tool are focused on these brand owner specific needs in ways that Amazon’s own more general tools did not cover.

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